Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Tidings of Karma

I was scrolling through the notifications on my smart phone and finally realized that I had comments from the other blog (, which I don't use anymore because of ISSUES. That's why I'm here.) I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just technologically impaired.

What was interesting was a comment from Anne. Time travel backward about a year ago. Nat & I are Christmas shopping, excited about Sirenz coming out in just under six months. We're giddy, giggly and definitely doing the girly thing- we're at the mall. I drag her into an ornament store, you know the ones: they're there from right after Halloween until the day after Christmas and have hundreds, maybe thousands of ornaments that can be personalized. Right away, we felt the 'good Karma' because the first ornament we see is a Starbucks coffee cup (looked Venti sized to me--perfect!) with the name "Meg." In Sirenz, Meg and Shar are always drinking hot caffeinated libations. The next ornament that caught my eye was a diamond engagement ring in a Tiffany blue box. What did Hades give Shar? (This will come back to haunt her in Sirenz Back in Fashion...) We found a number of ornaments that fit into Sirenz. So of course I bought a lot of them. My tree is going to fall over under the staggering weight.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and Anne, the saleswoman from the ornament store, comments under the first blog, What Dreams May Come. She remembered us and our book, and was so excited to see the book debut. She hopes we'll find her again and say hello.

Well how mystical is that? A lot of people must come in and tell their Christmas story about what a certain ornament means to them, but she remembered us? It's enough to make you cry with joy. Anne, I hope you find my new blog and say hello here (I will try to find you on the other one and bring you over, but me + technology = nightmares. Look for the debut of our website, Nat and I will be back--to say hello, thank you for remembering us, bring you some swag, and yes, buy more ornaments. After all, there are 3, maybe 4 books in the series.

And to Katia, I'm not forgetting you! Your comment on my post, I'm Not Laughing about loving the humor of Sirenz and agreeing with my lament that we need more humor in our oft-times depressing society put a smile on my face. We will definitely continue the humor in the rest of the books, so stay tuned for more laughs!

Keep the comments coming, I will get to them. Know that I am reading them and look forward to hearing from my readers (and you don't have to agree!). Sometimes it takes me awhile to remember all the intricacies of blogging and building websites and everything technological, but I will get there!



  1. It's supposed to be "a while." You DID NOT SEE that grammar faux pas.

  2. I saw it! AND WILL NEVER LET YOU FORGET IT! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Awesome! Glad my comment put a smile on your face -- and keep those posts coming! Can't wait to read the next book!!