Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Walking In The Right Direction

The ad says "Walking for Life."

It's a class on walking.


Through a public park.

And you get to pay $80 for it.


Doesn't it sound ridiculous? I had to look twice when I saw it. I mean, who doesn't know how to walk? With all the scams out there to take your money, some so sophisticated that it may be impossible to avoid them, I thought, really, who's going to fall for this?? It's one of those things that once you learn how to do it, like riding a bike, you never forget.

Reading the rest of the ad, it said it focused on endurance (tip: walk a little more everyday), walking 3-5 miles in all weather (dress appropriately)  and cool down afterwards ( walk slowly until you're not breathing hard).

I just saved you $80. (Feel free to send me a check.)

But maybe that's not the point; of course we all know how to walk. Maybe the point was getting up and making that commitment to walk, and slowly increasing the distance, taking care of ourselves along the way, and safely concluding the walk.

It's like writing. Yes, we all know how to write, but like some athletes, there are those who are instantly exceptional. The rest of us fall into the other categories of 'good writer' or 'average writer' or 'poor writer.' Just because you've been doing it so long doesn't mean there is no room for improvement (go back and read the early works of your fave authors and see how much they've improved...)

So continue that education- take writing classes, take advice, take a trip to a conference.

And take a chance on improving a skill you already know how to do.


photo courtesy of Microsoft Clipart