Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The final day! "Z"

And to wrap up the blog challenge - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Or, books that bore me. Put me to sleep. Z me into a coma.

Now I know some of these choices will annoy some (probably English teachers). Here they are:

- Anything by D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner.
- Most Japanese novels (except the Vampire D series)
- most of the Pulitzer and Nobel winners
- any literary criticism
- political satire
- any economics books

Of course, I've been bored by vampire, sci fi, dystopian, fantasy, romance, etc. It depends on the writer, of course.

Hopefully I haven't bored you over the month.


YA Don't Say...


Or, young adult, young adult, young adult.

It's one of the hottest trends. Think Hunger Games, Divergent, Twilight, 13 Reasons Why. The 100, Starcrossed, Vampire Diaries, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Whether it's book, TV, or movie, everyone is reading or watching or talking about young adult stories. This is good for me, as a writer of YA, but some people think "I can't read/watch YA, I'm too old, I'm an adult with a job/kids/responsibilities...." yada yada. Since when is anyone too old to read a good story? By that logic, I'm too young to read anything with people older than me.


A good story can transport you back, make you feel younger again.

But don't go too far.

Those moms with Edward Cullen tattooed on their backs is just a little creepy...

So enjoy a good YA story.

Let me tell you about Blonde OPS...