Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cleaning Out The Old Year

The old year is like a manuscript that I've been working on. There are some bright spots, some frustrating ones, a number of disappointments, a lot of work left undone, moments of sheer wonder, and potential for so much more.

Unlike the manuscript, the old year can't be changed, but I can take lessons learned from both:

1. Nothing is all bad, there is always some good. Even if it's only a moment or a sentence, I will find something awe inspiring.

2. Likewise, nothing is perfect; there is always room for improvement. I just have to be open to making changes.

3. There will always be a gem in the rock pile and I will find it if I search hard enough.

4. Sometimes I have to let go of something--whether it's words, pages, the whole manuscript--or people, ideas, goals--that can't be saved. Moving on, even if a project held promise, a relationship was long, or goal was almost reached, can be the right, if painful, path.

5. I need to stop: wasting time on regrets, being unwilling to adapt, refusing to accept when something isn't working, and allowing others to steer the course of my life.

I wish you all the best of health, the most happiness, and as much success as you can handle.