Monday, November 7, 2011

Cover Up!

There's a lot of talk about book covers. What's hot, what's been overdone, what doesn't work, and so on. Some covers are iconic and recognizable without a single word: a cross and people know it's the Bible. A golden colored bear with a red vest is obviously Winnie the Pooh. And yes, the hands holding the apple on a black background is Twilight.

Have you seen our cover? If not, I'll cry, but let me help you out, here it is:

But that's not the way it looked initially: it looked like this:

Why the change? While we loved the first cover, it was too dark for our humorous book. And we were told that teens didn't like it, hence the second, lighter cover. Which do you like better?

And now, the release of the cover for Sirenz Back in Fashion.

There are two emotions about this change. One is that this is a good thing: it will freshen up the look, maybe increasing sales beyond estimations by drawing in new readers. It's lighter and gives a hint about what's inside; a story with two very different girls, a Greek aspect, and fun. The other is that it won't match the first one and since this is a series, the first fans won't recognize the sequel.

The editor and publisher design the cover and while we're asked what we think would look good, the decision is theirs. That's the industry. I look at it this way: at least there is a second book, the Canadian artist (I will insert her name here, I have to dig through emails to find it) did a beautiful job, and there was a lot of thought put into it. Right now there is a controversy because a number of book covers are finding that their cover model (and sometimes the same dress and pose) was used for another book, making them both so similar, it will confuse readers which book they were looking for. That's a marketing nightmare--like telling which one is the clone, which is the original. We don't have that problem, for which I am immensely grateful.

No matter what, that's our cover and we're sticking with it.


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