Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Cleanup

I've washed all 33 windows, 2 storm doors and mirrors in my house (some of which are dirty again...). Now I'm cleaning out my office.

I can't keep every book I get- and since I tend to pick up a lot of books at Book Expo America, I have a LOT of books. Some are autographed from either BEA or signings. I would need to displace a child and take over their room to keep every book, and much as they sometimes annoy me, I'm not kicking out a kid. So, I'm going to do a giveaway. Sending a book to everyone who asks is just too expensive, but I'll try to make this a more recurring feature and slowly whittle down the pile. Here's some of the unautographed books up for grabs:

-Dark Lover, by JR Ward
-The Shadow Girls, by Henning Mankell
-I Hunt Killers (ARC), by Barry Lyga
-Fury, by Elizabeth Miles
-Gimme a Call, by Sarah Mlynowski
-Wither, by Lauren DeStefano
-Exposed, by Kimberly Marcus

The person who has the best reason for a particular book wins it. You don't have to give me a sob story about choosing between gas for the car or a new read. If you're funny, silly, sarcastic, angry, demanding, whatever, and catch my attention, I'll send it to you. Only rules are that you can't write more than 5 lines (I don't want to read a book length reason) and it has to be posted in the Comments by next Monday morning. By that afternoon, I'll announce the winner and they can send me a shipping address.

Have fun!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Jane Eyre & Me

Jane and I share a character trait; some might call it a flaw, some an attribute.

"Did anybody ever see such a picture of passion!"
"...virulent passions..."
"But you are passionate..."

Like Jane, I feel things intensely. Some might argue too intensely. My mother wanted me to be a lawyer because I could argue my point of view, right or wrong, with such passion. Or, maybe I should have been on the stage- her pet name for me was "Sarah Bernhardt." (Actress from my grandmother's time. Think dramatic diva.)

Either way, like Jane Eyre's Aunt Reed, my mother feared that passion and not common sense ruled my actions. And at times it did. Still does. But like Jane, I cannot seem to dampen those passions. On Facebook, I've started deleting all the political advertisements/posts because I cannot seem to stop myself from commenting.  "...for it seemed as if my tongue pronounced words without my will consenting to their utterance: something spoke out of me over which I had no control." As a writer, you must not offend any segment of the populace and as I'm told often enough, "It's better to say nothing."

That doesn't mean I can do that, even if I wanted to. Jane understands where I'm coming from- speak first, regret later. That's probably why I loved reading  Jane Eyre. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that Ms. Bronte and I share the same first name.)

But while such passion may push friends, yes, family too, and acquaintances to a distance, it also serves as a constant supply of motivational energy. When I get fired up about something, I generally tend to stick to the project until I've finished it--or turned to something new. (Very rarely does it fizzle, but that doesn't mean it can't die a sudden death.) My passion is directed toward my children and family, my writing/career, reading, swimming in my pool, abhorring the cold, and enjoying life.

So Jane and I want to know, What's your passion?


Monday, September 10, 2012

What's In YOUR Closet?

Fall's here (pardon me while I wipe a tear). Gotta bring out the sweaters, socks, jackets, and election wear. Here's what I'm wearing this year:

Not the shirt (while it's pretty, new, orangey and very flattering), I'm talking about my campaign buttons. I was lamenting last week on Facebook that we really need a third party since a lot of people are unhappy with the two frontrunners. I asked someone to step up to the plate.

And he has.


He's running for Prez, and because of that whole 'free will' thing (which he is bound by, luckily for us), he's campaigning for your vote. His platform: he can make everything perfect-if we give up free will and let him be our new leader. (I haven't heard anything about a running mate; I think he likes to be top dog.)

Hades is running under the Olympian party. If you want to show your support, enter to win a campaign button; either "Ladies for Hades" or "Haute House" (I'm guessing that he wants to do some 'redecorating'. I'm fearing for the presidential portraits. Hades doesn't like to share the limelight with anyone, let alone a mortal.) Just leave a comment and which button you'd like.

Next Monday, I'll pick 5 winners.

Just remember, any deal you make is between you and him!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Pains

Did you know that Labor Day was created to honor all the gains made by labor unions? And give a day of paid rest to union workers. Well, hey, what about us non-union workers? Doctors, parents, freelance writers, minimum wage earners, office workers, etc. (I think there are more union than non-union workers because teachers, police officers, nurses, government workers, and most other occupations seem to be repped by unions.) Being a non-union worker seems to be a minority...

And I want my rights!

It was Labor Day and I labored! I washed- INSIDE AND OUT- all 33 windows plus two storm doors and all mirrors in my house (it was a Windex day; cloudy and cool so the windows should be streak free. We'll find out the next sunny day, but I'm not going to look too closely....)

Plus, I changed sheets and did five loads of laundry, dishes, and straightening up. Then I worked on our new manuscript, Blonde Ops. (That was the only thing I didn't finish, but shhh, don't tell Nat, I'll finish it today. Really.)

But I did get a treat; my cousins Debi & Joe spent the weekend and we took them out to dinner. This is where we went....

Not being narcissistic, but we've been wanting to try this restaurant for about two years. I don't know, maybe it just spoke to me... ;)

So now it's back to school, routines, regular work days for most of us. One last thought as you groan and moan (hey, I'm right there with you- ask anyone, I'm a summer gal. As I put out my mums and fall decorations, I'll look longingly at my pool and patio bar, and I will be depressed until almost October):

My quote to live by:

Do what you can, while you can, because there are no guarantees that tomorrow you can.