Evolution Revolution: The Series

Coming May, 2017, Evolution Revolution: Simple Lessons (Book 3)

Evolution Revolution: Simple Lessons (Book 3)

Evolution Revolution: Simple Plans (Book 2)

Jack the squirrel and his woodland friends know the humans haven't left the woods- and they're watching the animals. Still, Jack wants to learn more things from his human friend, Collin so he takes the risk of going to Collin's house. Jack's learned about the wheel, rolling, wedges, and now Collin will introduce him to the wagon. While Sister and Bird are anxious to learn, the other animals aren't sure. With Rat as his new buddy and the help of Owl and Sister, Jack shares his knowledge, but it may not be enough when Rat gets into trouble with the humans. Can Jack, Bird, Owl and the others save Rat before the humans take him away?

Is any of this story true? I give the scoop in my post for the Middle Grade Ninja. You'd be surprised how much fact is in fiction...

A review from Log Cabin Library! Check out Brenda's review here, A kudos for my illustrator, Cathleen Thole-Daniels! 

Listen to my interview on WEOL in Ohio, here with Ancy "Bull" Barch and Matt Douglass, those charmers!

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Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines (Book 1)

In a quiet wood, a common gray squirrel will start a war. First he learns words and how to use simple machines like the wheel. Named Jack by the boy who teaches him, Jack sees construction machines invade his wood and threaten his nest and tree. Sharing what he's learned with Sister, he calls a Gathering of the woodland animals to convince them to fight. Most of the animals, like Beaver, Bird and the Rabbits are afraid. Fox and Rat do not want to learn anything from a human, until Jack tells Fox his den will be the first destroyed by the machines. The animals unite: Beaver, Owl, Fox, Rat, and even Sister join the fight. They win one battle, but they may not win the war because the humans have become especially interested in them.

Here's a radio interview from WEOL, in Elyria, Ohio. I was interviewed about the book on the Morning Show which is hosted by Craig Adams and Bruce Van Dryke:  Listen

My radio interview with Rodger Nichols of Haystack Broadcasting from Dalles, OR, for his show, Cover to Coverhere

On Culture News Radio with  David Sorero I give a quick synop and some personal peeks, on Evolution Revolution here 


"I am delighted to have found a new author to support. Charlotte Bennardo seems to be the epitome of professionalism...a good novel to read in an elementary classroom...[It] has some humor, and lots of heart, and it is just the right length for a read-aloud book...Who doesn't like a story about underdogs..." Michael Gettel-Gilmartin, Project Mayhem, Marvelous Middle Grade Monday 

"The Hundred Acre Wood" meets "Watership Down" in this outdoor romp destined to be a classic. You'll cheer for Jack and his woodland companions."  Darlene Beck-Jacobson, author, Wheels of Change, Notable Book 2015 National Council of Social Studies and Children's Book Council.

"Books we must have though we lack bread" - Semicolon blog

"This story is fun, vibrant, and thrilling. When the crows squawk and the beavers bang their tails and the deer bellow, the reader can almost feel the power of the woods come alive. Even the little illustrations here and there bring all sorts of emotions to the animals’ faces. And, of course, the meaning of it all is there in black and white... This is a world where habitats are ruined on a daily basis... Although this will be categorized as a pre-teen book, I recommend this to all ages. As the beloved Watership Down once taught us, sometimes we need to get back to a simple, straight-forward message in order to really understand what pain we continue to bring by wiping out nature.

Quill says: Bring Jack and his story home, and make sure the next generation learns the correct, kind way to treat every species out there."  Read the rest of the review here.  Feathered Quill Book Reviews 

"EVOLUTION REVOLUTION: SIMPLE MACHINES is the first book of a series that evokes the spirit of children's classics like CHARLOTTE'S WEB and MRS. FRISBY AND THE RATS OF NIMH, and is perhaps a tamer (and, by all counts better) version of James Patterson's ZOO. Told from Jack's point of view, author Charlotte Bennardo gives the reader a unique and charming perspective, one that isn't the sanitized animated classic view of animals but one that keeps them as true to their natural form as the story allows, including the interactions between predator and prey.

It's a charmig little fiction/science fiction piece until you learn about things like squirrels attacking politicians when they say mean things about them, at which point there's maybe a little more to ponder on the subject. For now, enjoy Bennardo's fiction -- before it becomes a little too real." Read the whole article here.   Critical Blast

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