Who, Me?

Like most writers, I like to be a little nosy about people I'm interested in: cat or dog person, tea or coffee, fun stuff (nothing weird or stalker-ish). For everyone who's just a little bit curious about me, (blushes...)

I write whatever moves me. I don't like to be boxed into one genre, whether it's middle grade, young, new or adult novels, sci fi, contemporary, historical, paranormal, romance or non-fiction, novels, poetry, short stories, or articles. I have something in all of the above, and refuse to limit myself from other areas.

When I started this journey, I co-authored the first 3 books, the fourth and fifth were anthologies I contributed a story to, and now I'm solo and will have a three book Indie series out by May 2017. Each path taught me valuable lessons. I try to share those lessons with fellow writers at the NJ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators numerous conferences and workshops, at book festivals, library events, colleges, National Novel Writing Month workshops and casual get-togethers.

On the personal side, I love animals but am too busy and lazy to take care of a dog, so I'm a cat person. (And most writers are cat people. It's that whole- leave me alone until I want your company- thing.)

My FAVE drink is chai lattes, with a splurge of vanilla. I use the Starbucks premixed stuff, but doctor it up because I can't find a Starbucks anywhere except in Bethlehem, PA, that makes as good a chai.

I like to hear from other authors, aspiring-to-be-pubbed writers, fans, and Hollywood directors. (Sorry, scary people not welcome.) You can find me on FB- Author Charlotte Bennardo and Twitter: charbennardo.   I don't automatically friend- telling me how you know me, or if you attended one of my signings or presentations (I'll know, so no lying!) will be a help. Please keep in mind that I write for middle grade as well as teens and adults, so keep it clean, no politics or religion, and don't spam me. I can't Like everyone's pages or go to everyone's book launches (who has the time??) but I wish you much success on your publishing journey. I've revived my Instagram account and of course I'm on Pinterest. Feel free to leave a blog comment and tell me of your success.

And stick around. I'm working on new stuff all the time.


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