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People, Places and My Life...

At the NJ SCBWI Holiday party- with Karen, Laurie, Cathy & Tisha!

A busy November!

Game Day! For the Win! With my niece, Dr. Nicole!

At the Bucks County Local Authors Day with Donna Galanti

nErDcampLI fun! 

Giving the educators a class assignment! nErDcampLI

The final Book of Jack! (Or is it...)

At the Chesapeake Children's Book Festival. I have to learn to take more selfies!

Here's my summer office....

From the Chesapeake Children's Book Festival- hanging with Tara Lazar and Norman!

My table-mate, Laurie Wallmark

It's always fun with Alison Formento and Robin Newman! 

Author, with sunflowers- the lovely Colleen Kosinski

Evolution Revolution: The Series out in the big world!

The Raritan Library featured Jack for my author visit on April 29.

With my Kidlit pals, Darlene, Colleen, Nancy, and Laurie at Barnes & Noble in Marlton in April.

Colleen Kosinski, Laurie Wallmark and me at the Penn State Librarians Assoc in Hershey, PA, in March. 
Ok, I couldn't resist. I treated myself to this cozy for my team, the New England Patriots. And they won the Super Bowl!

My sister sent me a 'bookworm' bookmark! 

Sometimes the cat needs the loving. Writing and editing and PR must wait...

Even proofs need to be proofed!

The early stages of Jack- planning, pictures, and plots!

This is how I like to work in the summer...

Jack says Merry Christmas!

My Illustrator Cathy Thole-Daniels signing Evolution Revolution Simple Machines with me at Barnes and Noble!

From my NJ SCBWI presentation, Scene of the Crime

My crime partner, Forensic Det. Guy Olivieri

My book is in a crime scene!

Oh no! Blood spatter! (chill, it's fake!)

The evidence is adding up! (Is that a body in that bag?)

My first author photo!

My illustrator for my secret MG novel series... Cathy Thole-Daniels

NJ SCBWI annual conference- with Darlene Beck Jacobson

From Mike Ciccotello, Illustrator!

Beth Ferry! Fellow SCBWI-er!

Yvonne Ventresca!

Kidlit Author Club founder and friend, Nancy Viau!

Crystal Kite Winner Laurie Wallmark

The irrepressible Tracey Batptiste!

My friend Marlo Berliner, debut author!

NJSCBWI 2016 Closing keynote, Suzi Ismail

Mr. Mink and mousie ready to go to conference!

At YAPA, just missing a snow storm!

With Linda Bozzo (L) and Karen Rostoker-Gruber (R) at Patriots ball game Author Night

Leeza Hernandez & me goofing at the ball game.

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 Blonde OPS goes on sale!

With Yvonne Ventresca (L) and Tracey Baptiste (R) at Paramus Book Festival

Lisa Colazza Coca at Paramus

Corey Rosen Schwartz at NJSCBWI 2015

Darlene Beck Jacobson, debuting at NJ SCBWI 2015

Yvonne Ventresa and Tara Lazar

Did my address change, Authors Guild?

NJ SCBWI Lucky Duck!

A Fan gift from Melissa Murray!

Beware the Little White Rabbit arrives!

My agent and me in the Science fiction & Fantasy Writers of America membership book!

Nicole Zoltak and Yvonne Ventresca at Hillsborough Book Fair

Anabelle Bryant and me in Hillsborough!

A Sirenz fan who had to get my autograph at Boston Teen Fest!

The beautiful Boston Library, site of Boston Teen Fest

The new addition to the Boston Library, Boston Teen Author Fest

Yvonne Ventresca and me at the ball park in Bridgewater, NJ

Made the news!

Both books!

Front cover in the Arts/Sports section!

One of our contracts!

The sequel to Sirenz- in the real world!

One of my two home libraries...

The library in my home office

Somerville Street Fair with Kidlit Authors Club and others

It's real!

First signed copy!

The newest baby has arrived!

At the NYC library in Manhattan!

The Spring 2015 releases from Griffin Teen!

My dedication to two teachers who made a difference...

The first Blonde OPS cover- doesn't it look like Brittany Spears?

Barnes and Noble suggesting I buy my own book!

First guy fan!

At Romantic Times in Chicago with Cole Gibson and Patricia Port Locatelli

Teen Alley, Romantic Times Convention, Chicago

NYC YA Author Rooftop party!

Another shot from the roof!

Can you guess the author?

At Chatham Library with Allison Formento, Yvonne Ventresca and Lisa Cocca, and others

I love this cover!

One of our co-author pics

The artwork for my short story in the Beware the Little White Rabbit anthology

Cover reveal!

The first baby!

In Chicago, on the waterfront, for Romantic Times Convention

Chicago, Chicago!

I did NaNoWriMo!

At my home library!

Giving a presentation for a teen library book club

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