Monday, March 2, 2015

These Things Happen

The Daffodil Watch has been suspended until:

1. It stops snowing every other day
2. I can move enough snow to get to my daffodil beds
3. When I go outside I don't have to worry about frostbite within 2 minutes

In the meantime (like until Wednesday when it's going to be 50 and I'll be out washing my car), I leave you with a picture of last year's glory:

And a little reminder from my friend and neighbor, Jeannie, to all of us:

Whether rejections, crises, upsets, disappointments--keep moving on.


Monday, February 23, 2015

One Good Thing

I'm taking a day long break from book writing/revising/PR while I contemplate a few things. Sometimes as a writer you have doubts or concerns and you need to step back.

But that doesn't mean give up.

Thankfully there are other aspects of my life over which I have total control and confidence.

I can caulk a bathroom better than anyone I know- even some 'pros.' (From my time working with my mom and stepdad in their painting business.) A few trade secrets:

1- Choose the right caulk. For bathrooms, kitchens, any place that will get wet, use a silicon caulk, even with tile. The sanded grout/caulk is too porous and can soak up water--and you don't want that in your walls.

2- Whether you use a caulking gun or a tube, don't cut off too much from the end when opening; it's better to add another line of  caulk than to wipe giant blobs off.

3- Wipe caulk off hands and gun/tube when done and before washing hands. It's less sticky (it's waterproof, remember?).

4- It's always better to go with a color that blends in rather than a contrasting one because people won't notice any boo-boos or when the caulk starts to age.

5- Keep a wet edge. Just as you would when painting a wall, don't stop and start in different places. Keep moving continuously in one direction, not doubling back so the caulk will smooth out nicely.

Here's my handiwork:

And don't tell me you can't do it because it's a guy thing. If you can fingerpaint, you can caulk. (And you'd probably be neater than the guys.)

So, I'm off to ponder as I putter.

Stay warm and stay positive.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Quick, Sneak a Peek!

I'm thrilled to do give you all a peek at what the fab people at Leap Books, plus a number of talented authors, have created.


Isn't it pretty???

Isn't it delightful???

Look for it soon....


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's The Little Things...

Hi all! Yes, this post is late, but this time I have a good excuse.

My mom had a blood clot in her leg which moved to her lung. She was in the hospital. There were some other small health issues too, so I had to fly down to North Carolina to be with and take care of her. My stepdad could have managed, but in his voice I heard the stress he was under.


So I'll be back next Monday (hopefully on time).

In the meantime, take time for something that you really should do- either for yourself or for someone else. Our time on this blue ball is short, so put aside time for the things that matter: love, compassion, family, good friends, art, fun, and leaving some small part of this world a little better.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Ever Gave You That Idea?

I'm still giddy over my Team Patriots win, that's why this post is late (plus I had to clean up after the party).

When I do author panels, or meet readers at signing events, I get asked, "How did you come up with the idea for your novel?"

For Blonde OPS, our editors at St. Martin's, Peter Joseph and Kat Brzozowski had the original idea of a 16-year-old hacker girl who goes to Rome, works on a fashion magazine, thwarts an attempt on the First Lady's life. They'd read Sirenz and liked our style. We wrote several drafts, filling in characters, plot, and details, and they offered us a contract.

Sirenz is a long way off from how it originally started... as a vampire book. With the success of books like Vampire Academy and Twilight, Natalie and I figured we could write a funny vampire book. But then we saw how many vampire books there were. And the Percy Jackson series was so popular... We decided to do a Greek mythology book for girls, only we didn't want to be similar to Percy. So we chose to focus on sirens. Of course a number of the Greek gods had to saunter through the story.

Which left us with plenty of opportunities to bring the two main characters, Meg and Shar, back. And, being that he was such a hit, Hades, the Underworld bad boy delish, was central to the plot again.

Now that I'm focusing on my solo novels, I can tell you my ideas come from a lot of places. For my sci fi novel, Lethal Dose, I watched a Discovery Channel special about space travel and the possibility of humans being able to live on other planets which intrigued me. Then I saw another program about a murderous poisoner. My devious mind put them together. (Sorry, no cover yet- I'm in the midst of revisions for my agent. Stay tuned.)

Last month I sent a my agent a middle grade manuscript based on Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. (Sorry, I can't give any more details and I don't have a cover yet...). I got the idea thinking about all the popular books that were mashups or 'rethinks' of popular stories, like Wicked and Dorothy Must Die for the Wizard of Oz. Or Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. Or Cinder for Cinderella. I browsed through my library and wondered, which one hasn't been done...?

My two year project is another middle grade novel, but this one is historical (hence the 2 year timeline- research). It's set in 1937, at the Berlin Zoo. I saw a program on the History Channel about one of the many disturbing programs the Third Reich instituted involving pushing science past then currents limits for nefarious purposes. (I love that word and never get to use it.) Of course I can't tell you more because that would give away my twist. "Truth is stranger than fiction" is a phrase I've come to endorse, so I watch scientific, historical, and technical shows. (I can fix a lot of stuff.)

Dear to my heart is a faery story (yeah, I know, there are a lot of faery stories out there), but I like mine because it deals with murder, the Mafia, art forgeries, angry fae kings, and a conniving little backstabber out to make trouble for my main character, Breena. This idea came from... I don't remember because I've been working on this story for so many years. (I refuse to give up on it.)

There is a rough manuscript about a girl who gets a heart transplant and wakes up so very different from the operation. That idea came from an article I read in Reader's Digest about heart transplants and how one woman emerged changed more than just physically. (There's no magic or super powers involved.)

I can walk down a street and see a couple arguing--and make a story around them. I got an idea for a horror novel from watching my cat. Other inspirations? A news story about a runaway. Driving in my car and passing a twisty, unkempt street. Walking in the woods on a snowy day and seeing footprints wander off... So many things spark story ideas that I wish I had time to write them all. (Well, I would if I could just write them and not have to revise, revisit, rework them.)

So if you're stuck for an idea, watch a show that normally you wouldn't- Underground Cities. Biography Channel. Foreign news. Muscle car fix ups. Hoarders. Explore a road you've never been down (you have GPS, so don't sweat it; just get out before dark.) Rummage through an antique store and imagine the history of weird and wonderful things. Visit a hospital/nursing home and listen to people's stories. Make your worst nightmare come true. Trace your genealogy. Take two unrelated things, like a sock without a mate and the squirrel in a tree and think how they ended up together in the neighbor's yard. Harvest your dreams, especially the weird ones. Sniff your grandmother's favorite perform. Listen to a symphony you're unfamiliar with. Taste a food that grosses you out. Feel the softness of a milkweed seed.

Ideas are all around you; use your senses and your imagination. You can find a story.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Things That Make Me Go...Uh, What?

There are some things I will never understand.

Quantum physics.

How pop ups keep appearing on my laptop.

Why my cat feels the need to unroll the toilet paper.

Why people criticize my writing when clearly they can't even construct a grammatically correct sentence.

How come people feel the need to bash people who don't believe the same things or way they do.

Why when there is one snowflake, people panic and drive 5 mph on the road.

Why people look at you, confused or angry, when you say you didn't like a book they loved.

How does the letter carrier get mail delivered in a snow storm but drivers on main roads get stuck.

Why too much attention is spent on a few books, and not more on a wider range.

Men thinking it's no big deal to scratch or 'adjust' in public view.

If I believe that no two snowflakes -ever- are identical.

Why anyone would want to live in Alaska with all that cold and snow.

Why people hate the New England Patriots with such a vicious glee.

How anyone could be a serial killer/rapist/animal or child abuser.

Why my son makes such a big deal about doing homework.

Does anyone really like those teeny Smart Cars?

Why we can put man on the moon and soon on Mars, but we can't find alternate energy sources.

Why I can't stop writing, no matter how frustrated I get with the publishing industry.

The list goes on, and the more I question why? or how come? the more I feel how little I know.

I wonder, does anyone else think like this?


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Word is the Word...

I'm going to give you a word. Just one. And with it, I will convey so much that I don't need other words to clarify or enhance it. Once you see this word, you will say, "Ahhhh!" and you will understand.


I know there are light bulbs going off. Comprehension and a wealth of emotions are zipping through your brain. You get me.

Now I want you to think of a word that conveys so much more than its dictionary or thesaurus label. Be fair, no famous people or other proper nouns. Let's see what you come up with...