Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Here's the one little secret I've been holding in; Publishers Weekly said they were going to review Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines! And they did!

Anyone who is in the publishing business knows it's not easy to get a review- but I got one for my Indie! It'll be out this week! AND it's highlighted in a boxed section- which means more attention for Jack! (imagine loud SQUEE here).

"...Readers will enjoy the banter among the animals, as well as the way Jack develops into a leader as he wrangles uncooperative animals into going along with his plan. Daniels’s elegant b&w spot illustrations appear throughout, adding to the story’s appeal." 

They give a brief synopsis and while they thought there were too many adjectives/ adverbs, they said in their email:

"Of the hundreds of self-published titles received each month, only a handful of the very best are selected for review."

I think they like me! And Jack! I know for sure they love Cathy's illustrations, so I'm going to put some here for you to enjoy.

And from Evolution Revolution: Simple Plans:

And from Evolution Revolution: Simple Lessons:

For everyone involved with Jack and his success, a 


Now I've got to get back to work. Who knows, maybe contract, agent, and movie offers will start rolling in! ;)