Monday, January 2, 2017

Leaving It All Behind...

No, I'm not running away to a cult or hiding in a cave. I'm just leaving all those things and people behind that need to remain in 2016.

I like to start the New Year fresh and new, no recycling here! Here's a partial list:

Manuscripts that don't work. Much as I love the story, some just won't work because of timing, plot flaws, or other reasons. They'll go in a drawer (like a few others) and will collect the dust of time until maybe one day they are resurrected. Sleep well, my children.

Negative Nancys. There are a few people I need to dig a moat against. There is enough sorrow, heartbreak, pain and suffering. Some people seem to thrive on negativity and maybe I'm too sensitive, but I can't deal with the constancy. I wish them luck and happiness.

Stupid tasks. What is the point of pulling out the refrigerator every year? No one sees under there, except a stray ant. When the refrigerator is pulled out for repairs or replacement, then I'll vacuum and wash the floor. Who'll know the difference, and I won't waste time doing it. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I'm sure there are many, many more time-wasting activities that I can cut.

Unnecessary stuff. I'm donating clothes that don't fit or I don't wear, cleaning out books, housewares, vases, furniture, etc. I don't use anymore. I'm beginning to understand the value- the serenity and peace- of empty space.

Stress. With my digestive issues now under control, I need to address how I handle stress. Nasty comment on social media? I can scroll on, hide or unfriend, no reply is necessary. Difficult person? Walk away. Bad situation? Spend time with people and activities that make me happy and give me time to work through the problems. I have to take better control of how everything affects me, even if it only works for my benefit and to someone else's detriment. 

Don't deny myself experiences (rather than things) that make life sweet. We have limited time on this orb so not taking advantage of all the wonders available to us is foolish. Life shouldn't be about acquiring things, but memories.

If it's broken, or doesn't work anymore, throw it out. That's mechanical things, relationships, or arrangements. Like some old time traditions, New Year's means sweeping out the dust and detritus. 

Wishing you all simple, priceless treasures of love, happiness, and contentment in 2017.