Thursday, April 17, 2014

In My (Glorious, Fabulous, Unasked for, Annoying) Opinion...

Who asked for my opinion? Well sometimes people ask.And I am more than happy to give my opinion--unless the book stinks. I can share it with my close writer friends, but am leery about telling others who might not feel the same and could be offended that I didn't LOVE whatever book they're raving about. (It happens...)

Once I made a comment about Bella in Twilight. She's not a strong female lead (until the very end, when she's fighting to save her child). It bothers me that she has no thought of what college to go to, or what she wants to study, or what she wants from life other than her boyfriend, and then she goes comatose when he breaks up with her. And she reads the same book, over and over! The person to whom I made this comment to said, "Well, you're no Stephenie Meyer!"

Nope, and I don't want to be, I have my own stories, thank you very much. Would I like Stephenie Meyers's success? You betcha. In a nano-second. Now, please. It may not happen, but I'm no less a writer because I don't have mega success, and neither are the other million writers out there in my shoes.

But success does NOT guarantee that everyone will love your book. (We've had some pretty harsh critics for Sirenz, ouch!) and it's part of the business. Even nicely put, rejection hurts but when the same critics turn around and like your next book (shameless plug- Blonde OPS), then their opinion counts, right?

When there's a book I didn't like and someone asks me about it, I say, "I read that book! I love the part about..." and bluff my way through. There's always at least one nice thing you can say.

But that's just my opinion.