Monday, November 17, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and the Really Nasty

The Good: I have a great idea for my NaNoWriMo project.
The Bad- I'm stuck on the title and how to connect to the ending.
The Nasty- I'm 3 days behind.

The Good- I'm over my intestinal infection.
The Bad- I have bronchitis, horrible sore throat, and congestion.
The Nasty- all that green gunk coming out of my lungs and sinuses.

The Good- I have antibiotics to clear up the green gunk.
The Bad- I've had so many antibiotics lately my gastro tract feels like I've gotten punched in the gut.
The Nasty- Bathroom issues, 'nuff said.

The Good- I made it through our bell performance at church yesterday with only 2 missed notes.
The Bad- The performance was in the middle of the service so I had to sit, sick, in church while I waited to play.
The Nasty- I forgot my son at church and had to send someone to pick him up.

The Good- It's not snowing.
The Bad- It's a driving, dripping, rain.
The Nasty- Had to go out to doctor's and pharmacist in it.

The Good- I have 2 kitties, a fireplace, and a cup of tea.
The Bad- I have to hunt down the kitties for a snuggle, go downstairs for the fireplace, and my teacup is empty.
The Nasty- I just want to pass out from exhaustion, but there's so much to do.

The Good- (all out)
The Bad- (too many more to list)
The Nasty- It's Monday