Monday, October 7, 2019

Another Golden Day!

It was that time of year- an October Saturday for the Collingswood Book Festival. I had one of my best sales day (parents and teachers loving my Evolution Revolution trilogy!), and except for having cold feet because I did not wear socks and was sitting in the breezy shade most of the day, it was a beautiful day.

I have to give a shout out to my Kidlit Authors Club colleagues. Every year some of us meet here and take group/solo pics, and reconnect. This group is amazing for supporting each other. Check us out at Kidlit Authors Club and see what's new! 

Mr. Dapper himself, MG author David Neilson

One of our newest members, PB author Kell Andrews

MG author Robin Newman, perky as always!

MG author, Darelene Beck Jacobsen  (we usually sit next to each other)

And to my left, YA author Jeffrey Johnston

Wearing my Rutgers jersey was safer than wearing my NE Patriots one!

I had the hubs helping me by taking pics, and sadly... some of my colleagues were in author panels, or attending to business and I didn't get pics of Jodi Moore (PB), Jennifer Robin Barr (PC, MG), or Hallee Adelman (PB). I'm sorry! 

I would be remiss if I didn't shout out to the wonderful organizers of the Collingswood Book Festival. In their 17th year, they have it down to a science. Besides that, I have to acknowledge that the organizers are truly egalitarian. Invited authors are both traditionally and Indie published, authors with brand new books out, and ones that are several years old, authors of fiction, non-fiction, adult, children, best seller, mid-list, and everything in between. They don't judge the book or the author, they open their arms equally to everyone. I don't know another large book festival that can make that claim. That's being SUPER pro-author. And I thank them! 

The people of Collingswood need a salute too! They show up rain or shine to buy books, talk to authors, and support reading and writing. One young reader wanted my Sirenz book, but didn't have enough money to buy it from the bookseller. The price was $7.99 plus tax; she had $5. The longing in her eyes was so intense, I sold her a copy for $5. The joy on her face to get the signed book reminded me why I write. I may not have sold as much as the featured more well-known authors, but this young girl made my day. I wish her joyful reading! 

Next year, I want to see YOU there! 



  1. Charlotte, As one of the volunteers for the book fest, thanks for your wonderful comments about it. I co-chair the adult author tent, and was moderating a panel when my 9-year-old daughter stopped by your table with only $5 to buy your book Sirenz. Being a writer myself, I'm sorry she didn't come ask me or her mother for another $3, which we would have gladly given her, but I am glad she found your book and that you signed it for her. (I didn't learn this story until the book fest shared your post and I realized that it was the book she is reading and she was the girl you are describing.) She loves Greek mythology and is enjoying it very much. We will be looking for more books for you (not at a discount this time!) and will look for you at the book festival next year!

  2. Thank you so much for telling me! I hope to be back next year, so I will look for her!