Monday, February 23, 2015

One Good Thing

I'm taking a day long break from book writing/revising/PR while I contemplate a few things. Sometimes as a writer you have doubts or concerns and you need to step back.

But that doesn't mean give up.

Thankfully there are other aspects of my life over which I have total control and confidence.

I can caulk a bathroom better than anyone I know- even some 'pros.' (From my time working with my mom and stepdad in their painting business.) A few trade secrets:

1- Choose the right caulk. For bathrooms, kitchens, any place that will get wet, use a silicon caulk, even with tile. The sanded grout/caulk is too porous and can soak up water--and you don't want that in your walls.

2- Whether you use a caulking gun or a tube, don't cut off too much from the end when opening; it's better to add another line of  caulk than to wipe giant blobs off.

3- Wipe caulk off hands and gun/tube when done and before washing hands. It's less sticky (it's waterproof, remember?).

4- It's always better to go with a color that blends in rather than a contrasting one because people won't notice any boo-boos or when the caulk starts to age.

5- Keep a wet edge. Just as you would when painting a wall, don't stop and start in different places. Keep moving continuously in one direction, not doubling back so the caulk will smooth out nicely.

Here's my handiwork:

And don't tell me you can't do it because it's a guy thing. If you can fingerpaint, you can caulk. (And you'd probably be neater than the guys.)

So, I'm off to ponder as I putter.

Stay warm and stay positive.


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