Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And introducing....

Busy Week! I'm hopping from Anabelle Bryant's blog to here, then over to- well, you'll see.

While Anabelle and I have never met in person (yet!) we've gotten to know each other over Facebook (isn't it amazing how many people you can 'know' just through FB?). We're writers. We encourage each other, post about our lives, talk about books, funny things we see on social media, and writing. Anabelle's new book, To Love A Wicked Scoundrelis

available now, for those nights when you want a little wicked romance... If you're interested in her book, tell her I sent you! You can find her here.

And now Anabelle wants me to tell her:

What am I working on?

So many things! Blonde OPS did a surprise release at YA Fest, and my co-author Natalie Zaman and I will be doing a ton more signings and appearances. My solo projects include a ghost story called Cold Water (which I think I've sent to my agent. *note to self: check!). I'm finishing up (another!) round of edits on my sci fi novel, Lethal Dose, and just beginning the revisions on my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project, called The Meaning of Time which is not time traveling per se, but more time hopping. And there are so many ideas sitting in the pot...

Tell me one element of your current work that you really love:

In Blonde OPS, I love the non-stop adventure. There are very few spots that aren't filled with car-chasing, spy tracking, high fashion wearing, computer hacking, vespa riding, teen flirting action.

What part of the book did you most love to write?

Oooh, hard to decide! I love the scenes with bitchy Candace because she's, well, bitchy and those are the fun characters to write, and I loved writing the spy thriller stuff. After doing research on the Secret Service, and hacking, it was so much fun to write the vespa chase through Rome. I really want to do that!

In your writing process, what was the most difficult?

Blonde OPS was a work-for-hire; the premise and most of the characters were the creation of our editors, Peter Joseph and Kat Brzozowski of St. Martin's. They had a basic idea, but we had to fill in the details, add supporting characters, come up with the computer hacks, lay out the plot. Sometimes, they didn't like what we'd written, so we had to revise, revise, revise. It would have been so much easier if we were psychic and could read minds!

And now I tag Maria Andreu!

Her first book, The Secret Side of Empty, debuted March 11th, and is getting lots of notice.

You can check it out here, along with info about her other writings- magazine articles and essays. I'm looking forward to meeting her personally at the Somerville Street Fair, where we have an author's booth. If you're in Central NJ, stop by to meet both of us and other great authors, from PB to YA, on June 1st.

Finally, I tag Tori Corn! She, too, will be at the Somerville Street Fair author's booth and I will finally meet her there.

Her latest picture book, Dixie Wants An Allergy, has been getting a few nods of approval. Continue the blog hop here and check out her other works.

And now Jessica Souders! I met Jessica at the Romantic Times convention in Chicago, when her first book, Renegade, debuted. She's sequels and prequels since then- take a peek here and continue the hop to... who knows? But you can guess it'll be to more great authors you should know!

See ya soon!


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