Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'll Be Seeing You...

In a lot of cool places. I'm putting together my schedule for book signings and presentations. The schedule isn't set, but I figured I'd put a mention so you can look out for other awesome authors, and maybe The Powers That Be will jump on the chance to invite me...

Here they are:

April 19: YA Fest
This is being coordinated by awesome author Jennifer Murgia. Tons of authors will be signing and some are giving writing presentations. I've been to this twice and was thrilled to be asked again. You. Can't. Miss. It.

April 26: Little Flowers Teen Book Festival
Again, another amazing author, K.M. Walton, is one of the coordinators, along with the marvelous sisters at Little Flowers. I'm giving a writing presentation, and then doing a meet & greet/signing. *Sings 'I'm so excited....'

May 3: Hudson Children's Book Festival
I'm still waiting to hear if my application is approved, but updates are always being made. There are sooo many authors, from PB to YA, who sign here. It's HUGE.

May 17: Hillsborough Libray Book Fair
There will be a range of authors from picture book to young adult. Details are still being worked out, but you'll see some familiar faces (like me) and make new author friends.

June 1: Somerville Spring Street Fair
I'm working on getting our Kidlit Authors Club members a spot on this Main Street affair. There are vendors, food, bands, and lots of friendly folk! Stay tuned for more details.

June 28-29: NJ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Annual Conference
All the details aren't posted yet, but if you've EVER wanted to write or illustrate-picture books, poetry, articles, middle grade or young adult novels, THIS is the place to be. Famous guest speakers, agents, editors, published authors signing their books and giving presentations on writing/illustrating for children. I never miss it! I may be presenting- stay tuned for details as they develop.

Sept 19-21: Chapter By Chapter Book Rave
This is UNBELIEVABLE. Hosted by YA author Jennifer Armentrout and co-hosted by my friend Damaris Cardinali & TrinDee Events, there are (at present!) 39 young adult authors and as many NA (new adult) authors. It's a 3 day extravaganza with a free, open to public book signing and other events. Keep checking back for updates! Right after, I'm dying & going to YA heaven...

Sept: Warwick Children's Book Festival
I've been trying to get in for several years but... (and I'm a NY native. Huh.) An updated site for 2014 hasn't been set yet, so there isn't a specified date yet.

Get those dates blocked on your calendars, there's too much book/reading/author goodness to be missed!



  1. That's awesome! You're just as busy as I am. :D I can't wait for YA Fest. It'll be great to meet you in person. :)

  2. Bring your best shoes and we'll dance around! :)