Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's International Name Your Car Day

Really.  I got this off a list of (obscure/fun/strange) holidays from

So, in honor of my new car, a 2013 Honda Accord, I had to come up with a good name. My previous car (shhh, keep this on the Q-T because Mariah [They Call the Wind Mariah, not Mariah Carey]) doesn't know she's up for sale... I'm getting choked up, I love that car.

Middle son suggested "Car-lee." (You can tell he's not a writer type- even though I love bad puns, I passed.) Hubs rolled his eyes. Youngest son walked away. Oldest son laughed and continued texting.

Being that the car is Japanese, it has to have a Japanese name. So I searched Japanese names (I'm not particular if it's male/female gender name--it just has to 'strike' me.  Mariah and I were gal pals, and she's not replaceable in my car love, so I'd prefer a male name. It would be especially fitting because this car has all kinds of buttons, knobs, electronics- very confusing, hard to understand, time sucking to learn, and frustrating, like the males in my house.

The winner: Takara! It sounds punny enough and it means 'treasure.' While it's not a Porsche or Lambo, I'll treasure this car as long as it's dependable, gas efficient, and I can avoid all the rest of the whack jobs on the road (already had to deal with one, but that's another story).

Here he is:

(You can see Mariah on Craig's List- 2002 Impala.)

The whole idea Build Book Buzz was getting at was ways to increase attention to your book by taking advantage of these 'holidays.' (Hey, I didn't create them.)  It's kind of fun (really, I name all my cars). But linking it to my book?

I just finished writing and several revisions- I haven't even seriously submitted it to my agent, so I can't really use this holiday to promote Lethal Dose. It's a sci fi book and the main character, Dalen Steele, has a space ship that's small, sleek, slick, and super fast. He loves that ship. Not as creative as moi, he calls the ship his 'Baby,' much to the confusion and chagrin of Myca, his Lexian mentor (they have no sense of humor anyway). I'm hoping next year I can use this holiday for promo purposes, but in the mean time, Dalen & I will continue to name our modes of transportation. It seems only right when they are sometimes all that stands between you and certain death.

Goodbye for now from Takara and me,



  1. I am totally in favor of naming your car, mostly because the names they come with are so boring.
    When I was a teenager, I drove my parents old Aerostar, and called it Walter. Our current little Nissan is called the Jellybean, because that's what it looks like - a black jellybean.

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