Monday, May 20, 2013

Financial Fantasy

Did you see the winner of that big lottery? I think it was $570 million. I had to stop and ponder two things:

1- Why does one person need this much money? I think once the lottery hits $10 million, they should keep it there until there's a winner. You can't live long enough to spend $570, even with the government taking almost half (unless of course you want to buy out Donald Trump). Wouldn't it be better for 57 people to win $10 mill each rather than one with $570 mill?

2- If a person wins the lottery, they should be required to put aside $1 million, because they usually act like morons, outspending their winnings. It's a sad fact that most lottery winners end up bankrupt- and on welfare. It seems like counting all that money kills common sense brain cells.

What would I do if I won the lottery? Let's say it's $10 million:

1- Donate $1 mill to charity- half to my church because they do a lot of good works even while they pay their mortgage, utility bills, give to other charities, and half to the Wounded Warrior Project because vets are grossly underserved and ignored by our government and our society, especially wounded vets.

2- Pay off all my bills (mortgage, credit cards, etc.) A safe, legal way to deprive corrupt banks and greedy corporations of as much interest as I can.

3- Put aside $1 mill IN TRUST for each of my three boys. They can't touch it until they are 30 or they use it for school, setting up a business, etc. I chose the age of 30 because as they near 21 years old, I'm not convinced that they could handle that much responsibility. And because if they couldn't, I wouldn't want all the money to go to creditors, begging friends, crooks, strangers with a sad tale, and stupid stuff.

4- Pay the mortgage on my siblings' homes. Another legal opportunity to deprive banks of interest.

5- Buy a new car. Hey, mine is 12 years old, I don't think that buying a new car is that much of an extravagance. I wouldn't buy a Porsche or a Lambourghini because that's just impractical and invites disaster. I'm thinking more along the lines of a Cadillac CTS. I like them and hey, they're more comfy than a low to the ground sports car, easier to park than an oversized SUV, and roomier than a hybrid. And I'm supporting American jobs.

6- Pay someone to clean my house. I'm busy doing a lot of editing and writing and my house is suffering lately. Nothing like on Hoarders, but enough to perturb me. I'll be spreading the wealth around.

7- Pay a PR person to help me with my books. It's such a drain and takes time away from writing and fun stuff. And it's spreading the wealth around.

8- Go on a nice vacation. With the boys going to college, vacations (other than those in the back yard) are few and far between. I think after caring for 3 boys, a house, and all the other things I do, I deserve at least a week. I'm thinking Australia. And, I'm spreading the wealth around.

9- Get a makeover. Three boys, one husband, two cats, one house. More birthdays than I want to admit to. Again, spreading the wealth.

10- Put some away for a rainy day. And instead of the banks, I'll make the interest.


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