Monday, April 29, 2013

Some Things Just Can't Be Stopped...

Some things, once set in motion, are unstoppable. Nothing you do or say will deter either the person or the action.

It's like that with the hubs and his weedwhacker. The man is a menace to all things green. Take my clematis vine, which is supposed to wrap around my mailbox post. It should look something like this:

But it doesn't; it's been chopped down. Whacked. Annihilated.

Yes, I've put netting, a metal stake, and mulch around the plant so it's OBVIOUS something's there.

No matter, he still mutilates it. (Don't ask me how many butterfly bushes he's murdered.) In revenge, I wrote a scene about a character's dad who tortures his landscape--yeah, that's the hubs. Now his cruelty to my clematis is immortalized.

It's come down to me issuing an ultimatum: STAY AWAY FROM THE MAILBOX. If my clematis gets whacked one more time, I fear I will have to visit the nursery and buy the biggest, most expensive replacement so that if he goes near it, he will get sick at the thought of harming one little bud, a single leaf, or even disturbing a piece of mulch because of the $.

Wishing safety for all your plants,


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