Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well, Duh, That's Obvious--Or Did You Forget?

I was at a book signing in the Neshaminy Mall Barnes & Noble (whoa, HUGE mall!) with fellow Kidlit Authors Club members Alissa Grosso, Elisa Ludwig, Artie Bennett and Cynthia Chapman Willis. After stocking up on a Starbuck's Chai Latte Venti (it's over an hour's ride, I needed to be fortified at 8:30 p.m.), I said goodbye and popped into my car.

It was pretty dark. I'm so busy paying attention to the GPS and (sorry) frenzied PA drivers on the Turnpike, I didn't see the little notice stuck under my windshield wipers. I turned the radio off to better  hear the GPS, and heard something flapping--and that's when I saw this:

A card from the local police and security at the Mall. One was stuck probably in every car. On the back says are a list of safety tips. While you may say, "Duh, obvious," how many times do we dash into a store and leave stuff on the seats or the GPS in the window? (Um, guilty) Have you ever forgotten to lock your car? (Um, guilty) By reminding us to be personally vigilant, we save ourselves from being victims, and cut down on crime. Kudos to Neshaminy Mall security and the Bensalem police for this gentle but timely (Warm weather, everyone's out more) and important reminder. It may seem no big deal, but if you've ever been a victim of crime (Um, me), you realize how much we take our safety for granted. (And yes, I waited until I was safely home to pull it off my windshield, rather than get out of my car on a busy turnpike or a dark road. Points for me.)

So lock your car, hide your valuables and take your keys. And let's stay safe out there....


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