Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicago, Chicago...

Sing it with me!

Okay, those are the only words to the song I know. So I'll show you some pics from the Romantic Times convention I went to with Natalie Zaman now that I've cleaned out my email spam box (563 idiots missed me.). Friday was kind of slow for us, so we slipped out with Amalie Howard and her lovely mom and aspiring author Cate Hart.

This is a famous tower (No, not the Sears one). You see it a lot in movies and stuff. I think people generally fall off and die. Thought we might perish if we didn't get our Chicago deep dish pizza! The waiter was close to my gnawing on his buff ankle if he came any later!

Chicago is located along the Chicago River (for you peeps who didn't have geography- me- or just plain don't remember all those names). You can walk along it on beautiful sidewalks, there are cafes, benches, gardens. It's just so breathtaking (at least when it's warm. May be a different story when it's blowing snow and ice).

And this is what signing day was like- so many authors in one place! We were located in Teen Alley (you're seeing the other half). My friends Amalie Howard and Kristi Cook and many new friends were on that side. On ours we were sitting next to award winning Franny Billingsley! Down our line were Cole Gibsen, Ann Aguirre, and so many (my brain is still fried from it all) I wish I could remember. Check Nat's blog, she collected autographs so she can tell you who was there. You can't see the lines for Anne Rice, le grande dame, or JR Ward (on fave list!). Wanted to see Mary Janice Davidson (my humor muse) but people wanted signed copies of Sirenz! Finally met Katelyn Torrey, of Kate's Tales of Books and Bands blog and some new Sirenz fans.

(Do NOT ask me about doing the worm dance at the YA pajama party. Bones are still creaking. The things we authors do to promote our books...)

It was fun and exhausting and silly and hard work and eye opening. Lots of new friends- authors, publicists, literary agent-mates, aspiring authors, fans. Next year the theme is:

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come....

Will we see you there?



  1. "generally people fall off and die." Oh Char, you crack me up. I'm sure the tower owner(s) are delighted to be known that way. :P

    I wish I could have gone; RT sounds like an awesome experience. I'm glad you and Nat got to go. But, where are the blackmail photos? :P

    1. Under lock and key. I'm saving them for when Nat edits out parts of the book that I like! Bwahahahahaha! Hope you can get to another conference & we can meet up for shenanigans...