Saturday, February 4, 2012

Romantically Yours

Are we past the Age of Romance? I'm a sucker for a good romance, real or imagined. I like it in my Sc-Fi novels, in horror movies, in stories passed down from relatives. The romance between my mother-in-law Gilda and her Tomasso is the basis for a short story I wrote, and maybe a novel someday. Set against World War II, there is first love, the conscription of young men, invasion by the Nazis, separation, and reunion.

                                                                              (Photo courtesy of Microsoft)

What's your most romantic story? Does someone you know have a romantic history? Doesn't have to be family. On Valentine's Day I'll share one of the most romantic true stories I know--and I'll pick a winner for the most romantic story you readers share. You'll win a $15 gift certificate; it can be for iTunes, B&N, whatever you wish. (Maybe for a little romantic gift for someone?)

So be brief, only a few sentences, just the gist, please. I will ask several people who they think had the most romantic story, so schmoozing up to me, while I enjoy it, won't get you extra points.

Winner will be announced Valentine's Day.  Hearts & kisses,



  1. My parents are my inspiration. They met on Halloween when my Mom was 15 and my Dad was 14 at a dance. They got there early and it was raining so my Dad let my Mom, her sister, and a friend sit in the car with him and and his friends so they stayed dry. They talked for 20 min or so and then parted ways to enjoy the party. That night they each hung out with their seperate friends telling them they had each just met the person they were going to marry. They went on one date a week(roughly, there were apecial occasions of course) until my father graduated from college, as my grandparents would let him get married til he had graduated. The Saturday after college graduation my parents were married. This year they celebrated 38 years of marriage and 46 years of being in love! <3

  2. Two of my best friends met when they were 15 and fall in love. It was love at first sight. They dated since high school and got married after both finished college (they went to the same college). Two weeks before their weeding, he started to fill ill and went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to cancel the wedding but she told him she loves him not matter what. Together they've defeated cancer. They've been married for six years and they are the proud parents of two beutiful 4-years old twin girl and they're expecting a baby boy by the end July.

  3. You're both making me cry! I love LOVE stories!