Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Priceless Gift of Love

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm going to tell you a true story.

The house was decked out for Christmas; stockings hung in the window, three Christmas trees shone brightly through the windows, lots of lights twinkled on bushes and off the house trim, candles lit every window, a wreath graced the front door, and a Christmas flag welcomed all.

But all she wanted for Christmas was snow.

It was too warm, we hadn't had snow that early for almost decades. Oh, it was just about cold enough, but the snow didn't come around Christmas anymore.

In the early evening of the 23rd, a huge truck, pulling a trailer carrying what looked like a giant fan drove into the driveway.

Four hours later, there was snow; on the house, over the front yard, in the driveway. A line of traffic quietly, slowly, drove by in an almost steady stream until after Christmas night to view the beautiful scene.

When people complained about how much it must have cost for that vista, and how the money could be used on better things, I thought, 'How sad for those people. They see dollars and things.'

I saw the priceless gift of love one man gave a woman.

Because all she wanted for Christmas was snow.



  1. Char,

    That's a sweet story! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I still need a tissue... They lived one block over. Sadly, this year the house was dark... :(