Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Not Cheating...

It's Creative Time Management.  As I wind down my blog-a-day challenge, I'm going to share some tips how I managed to do something for every blog post.

Make a list.
When I decided to do this challenge, I knew that some days would be crazy busy, I might not be home long enough to conceive, create and post a blog. That's where making a list comes in handy. When I woke up, I have a list of subjects to choose from, thus avoiding writer's block.

During commercials of The Vampire Diaries or other shows that I have to watch, I draft blogs. Sometimes just a few sentences so it jiggles the mind when it's time to flesh it out. And it gives me time to think what pics or photos I need/want.

Let everyday situations inspire you.
I don't write solely about the craft of writing because that would be boring to non-writers. And no one wants constant rants. Or peeks into my personal life. But mash them all up, keep the subjects ever changing, and it makes for more cross appeal. When a situation comes up that I feel would engage a reader, I use it- like the most romantic story for Valentine's Day, or the photo of the daffodil sprouts that made me giddy with happiness. Never bore your reader! is one of my live or die by rules. You may not agree, but you won't be bored.

Keep it simple.
I don't have time, inclination, or expertise to do fancy stuff. You'll have to go elsewhere for that. I'd rather be writing than learning how to put sound effects or squiggles or whatever else on my blog. That stuff just consumes too much brain power that I need elsewhere (like those edits on three books that are screaming at me to finish them so they can go visit my agent for a bit.)

And that's my secret.


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  1. Some great advice, Char. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your one-a-day blog challenge. With only one more to go, you should feel great about yourself for succeeding. You have done a wonderful job. Can't wait to see what is in store for Leap Day!

    (The Vampire Diaries is one that I have to watch too.)