Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love To Hate-

Now that we got Valentine's Day/week out of the way, let's talk about Hate.

It's okay to hate. Don't gasp and look horrified and hide your face. Here's a list of things it's okay to hate:

1- Cruelty- in any form, disguised or overt, it's never cool.

2- Eggplant- I mean really, it's a purple, nutrient and vitamin free, tasteless vegetable.

3- Those ugly shoes that look like skeleton feet- They are uglier than almost any fashion accessory I have ever seen. Even zombies think they're ugly (I asked one.).

4- Cold feet. Mine are always cold. And my hands and nose. I HATE being cold! Where's summer?

5- Mini-Coopers- can you just get out of the clown car and into a real one? For that much money to buy that dumb-looking, not as good on gas as it should be death-trap, you can almost buy 2 American cars.

I'm going to stop at five- I'd hate to go overboard.


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