Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Conundrums, Quandries and Puzzles

There are rules for everything; driving, eating, behaving, even blogging.  Writer's Digest featured an article about blogging and one of the tips they gave is that if you're a writer, you blog about writing. Seems straightforward enough. I'm a writer, I can do that.

When Sirenz was pubbed, we were advised by our editor and others in the business to have a blog. We did, Okay, things were going well.

Then we were told not to harp on our book or just writing because we could alienate people who may like to read, but don't want to hear about writing.

So now what do I do? Listen the the bible of writing, which has given me so much wonderful, applicable and honest advice, or listen to people in the publishing world, in contact with literally, thousands.

What a conundrum.

I think the answer is... both. Because life is never black and white (unless it's one of those half black, half white cookies).  When I have a topic on writing, I'll post on that. Sorry friends who aren't interested in writing, the publishing world, and all things related, but I am a writer after all. It's my passion, my driving force. If you know me, you know this (because I bore you talking about books, writing, my projects). This will make Writer's Digest happy that I've read and used their advice.

But even I run out of 'writerly' stuff. Or get bored with it. Or have a rant (I've done several of those) that I need to get out. This occasional little digression keeps things lively, placates those who don't want anything to do with writing, or entertains the casual peruser. Those who don't know me will get to know me a little better through these types of posts. Anyone who is acquainted with me will snort and say yeah, typical Charlotte.

So, you won't always see writing tidbits, or whining complaints, or amusing musings. Blogging, like life, has rules and sometimes those rules don't fit. Don't speed is a rule- but when you're ready to have that baby, cops will overlook and even assist you in speeding. You should wait half an hour after eating before swimming- experts now say that isn't necessary. Never use incomplete sentences. Huh. See? Three rules amended, thrown out, or ignored.

So quandry solved. Rules aren't absolute. Let's hope the police officer buys that if I get pulled over.

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