Friday, May 20, 2011

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign...

And the sign said... That our book Sirenz would get published. Really. So many times Nat & I would see something that directly related to our book, and Natalie said THE UNIVERSE (she used big letters when saying it) was giving us a sign that the book would get picked up. Me-the naysayer and skeptic-wanted proof. So THE UNIVERSE is proving it to me almost on a daily basis. Don't believe? Here's an example of what I mean; Visiting my parents in Albany, NY, we took a leisurely boat ride up the Hudson. Along comes a sleek boat... named Sirena.

Still skeptical? I'm thumbing through the newspaper, and Grecian goddess dresses are now the trend. (Our book deals with Greek mythology if you didn't pick up on the 'siren' theme). Want more? Turn on the tv and it's about the Greek pantheon (Hades specifically, who's a major character in the book. Ooh, almost scary.)  There seemed to be so many, we decided to keep a list. Here are some more:

*Driving to Philadelphia to see my surgeon, I pass Castor Street (Greek demi-god who appears in book 2, Sirenz, Back in Fashion).

*Nat & I are Christmas shopping. We walk into a store and see a Starbuck's coffeecup ornament with Nat's character's name on it- Meg. And next to it is an ornament of a big diamond ring in a Tiffany blue box. (Read the book, it'll make sense).

*Swarovski debuts a red shoe charm (seen the Sirenz cover?)

*Benjamin Franklin is on the cover of Publisher's Weekly just as I write him into book two.

*Flux publishes a book by an author named 'Margaret Wiley' which is Nat's character's full name.

*Pandora (the charm store) moves into the mall as we write about Pandora in book two.

It's hard to keep track of them all. And they keep on coming. It's almost as if THE UNIVERSE wants to make sure I'm really convinced that our book will be successful. (Of course a sign that shows monetary success, like being approved for a no limit Amex would be appreciated.)  The fact that we're seeing signs that are related to all three books only further convinces me. (We have plans for a fourth, but so far haven't seen any signs, but that could be because we haven't written it, and only have a brief idea what it's going to be about.) 

Nat has her own list of signs; some of them I wouldn't notice but she picks up on their meaning. (I'll let her explain it in her blog.)  So, besides my family and friends insisting we'll see success, I have the cosmos giving me a little pep talk and morale boost every time I turn around.  I'm cool with that; I have the heavens as my personal cheering section.


  1. OK--have to say this--so I go to post my simple comment--and what is the code I have to put in the box? SOLES. OMG. It's a sign!