Monday, July 18, 2016

And The Winner Is... Maybe...

Well, I've tallied the results of my un-official survey about my new author photo. Clearly, most people liked #1 for my Facebook photo.

Reasons cited was because it was more friendly, showed my playful side.

The second most popular is a tie between #2:

And #3:

And #6:

And #10:

Surprisingly, the most popular choice for my book photo is the black and white:

My publicist likes this one too.

In second place was #7:

And close behind was #6:

So, I'll post #1 as my new Facebook photo (because my public demands it). I'll see what the publisher's requirements are for the author pic and get back to you. Or maybe I should leave it as a surprise (buy the book? Get your library to buy it? Ask to borrow a friend's copy?)

Thanks all for your thoughtful consideration.

Next... Suzy's blog post about how to take a successful author photo. Then... Cover reveal! (I hope).


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