Monday, July 11, 2016

A Picture is Worth... How Much?

When you get a book published, it's usually customary to have an author photo. That's exciting! Everyone will see the face behind the masterpiece. Then you're like... everyone will see the face! When you're an author or anyone who has to be in the public, this can be a real fear. Do I look good? Should I be serious or look like a fun person? Face or full body? Black and white or color? Solid shirt or patterned? Get a friend to take the pic, do a selfie or hire a pro?

It's enough to make a gal dizzy. (No blonde jokes here.)

Here's what I did: my friend Suzy Key Ryan is a FABULOUS photographer. I didn't know this until she started posting some pics on Facebook of kids, friends, etc. This gal knows what she's doing. So I asked her to do my author photos. Some things to be aware of when choosing a photographer:

1- Get a good location. Suzy suggested the Grounds For Sculpture. It's a beautiful place with green spaces and peacocks and art.

2- Suzy recommended a change of clothes, which I did bring, but it was so beastly hot, I didn't want to wear the second outfit, but at least I had it.

3- Since Suzy uses digital cameras, she could take hundreds of pics without great cost. If anyone's still using film...that could be expensive or you only get a few pics.

4- Check their work out beforehand. Suzy's work speaks for itself.

This is my dilemma; she took a number of great pics and I've narrowed it down. In the comments, tell me which one you think should go on my next book and which one on Facebook profile. If you can, tell me why you chose that photo. I'll post the results in about 2 weeks.

Here they are:

Just say #4 for the book because I'm not laughing, #7 for FB because I look friendly, or whatever.

In two weeks, Suzy will be a guest blogger here and will share her tips on how to get a great author photo.  In the meantime, check out her work here. She might be on Instagram, but I'm not, so check that out too.

Thanks for your help!

Keep smiling,



  1. I like #3 for the book because it's a great smile - a little subdued, and #1 for FB because that's you, the BIG happy smile!!

  2. #1 is #1 in my book - and IMO, should be in yours too, ha ha! Seriously, though, it's the one in which you look most friendly and relaxed. The black skirt looks a little formal and what my 7-year-old niece would call "worky". :)

  3. You are beautiful and a great subject (I can attest to that having the pleasure of taking your photo so long ago)! And what can be better than Grounds for Sculpture as a backdrop? (Although Flemington was fun, your photos now serve as archival record for what the hotel USED to look like). She did a great job! My faves are #4 for book jacket - like the fuller view showing contrast of white shirt and black skirt, you look very confident in that pose. #6 for FB - seated, relaxed, inviting, friendly, with a space open to sit next to you for a passing friend. - Jane

  4. OMG so hard to choose! I love #4, #7 and #8. I think my fave is #7. You look absolutely gorgeous! ♥