Monday, March 16, 2015

What To Do....

I love the idea of this one manuscript.

 It needs work, possible major changes, but to throw out almost everything?

That's the advice from a trusted friend/well known ed/publishing big wheel. And from my agent.

What do you do when the advice is contrary to everything about the story, in no way fits or enhances your vision and you can't even think how to make the changes?

I don't want to throw the story away--I love it too much. But the changes... make it seem too much like everyone else's story. A few I can make, one I even had in the beginning, and it's feasible, but the others just aren't me.

I don't want that.

Non-fiction is so much easier. Yes, research, but the facts are the facts. Writing about the Titanic? No matter how or why, it sunk and no non-fiction piece will ever tell you otherwise.

Fiction is where anything can happen, Unless it doesn't fit in with what the publishing world wants. I feel like my story has to be someone else's.

So do I kill the story?

For now, it goes in the drawer. Maybe I need some time, distance, and consideration. I just can't write someone else's story because the words won't flow.

Goodnight, sweet tale, perhaps we shall meet again in the near future...

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