Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Little Battered Up, But We're Both Springing Back!

The daffys are coming!!

The first buds on my daffodils are popping up!

It's been a hard winter for them; lots of snow, ice, subzero temperatures. I despaired at times that I'd ever see them. But here they are! Especially on a cloudy, looks like rain day, these make me sooo happy.

Last week, I felt like the daffodils buries in the cold ground. I had the worst case of the flu imaginable. Every joint hurt, I couldn't move off the couch for a whole week. Then I got the head and chest congestion, cough. Total misery.

On Tuesday, I started feeling a little better. Still stiff and sore, still congestion, but just a bit more 'awake.' I dragged my butt to do a few things around the house, took a nap, then dragged myself out to bell practice. I was dead by 9:30 pm.

But today I woke up feeling even a little bit more normal. Too sore to go to yoga, but I'm thinking a little swim to loosen up the joints. (I never knew what total body pain felt like-I will be more empathetic when people tell me how much their arthritis and similar diseases hurt.)

And then I saw the daffys. While it's still going to be tiring and painful, we'll both persevere and in a few weeks, we will be blossoming and joyful.

Wishing you all a burst of energy and inspiration!


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