Monday, May 19, 2014

The "Flaw" In Our Stars...

I didn't like Draco Malfoy. And by the end of the Harry Potter series, I didn't like Dumbledore for the way he used Harry for selfish reasons. And who liked Belatrix LeStrange? Some characters will not be likable, even if by the end of the book they change.

The 'flaw' in these 'stars' of our works makes them more real. Recently, a reviewer said while she enjoyed Blonde OPS, she didn't like one of the characters.

But she wasn't supposed to like him.

We wrote him like that. (Nat and I didn't like him!) Didn't you ever have a co-worker, an employer, a teacher, a colleague, a classmate, etc. that you didn't like? Of course you did. And still do. There are annoying, bullying, arrogant, mean, etc. people out there (maybe you're even related to one or two). They are part of our world. So to say you didn't like a character isn't always a bad thing. And if there were nothing but likable characters, then I'd say a novel is a little shallow, even 'flawed.'

So bring on the bad guys, the gals you don't like, the people you can't stand.

Because that's reality.


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