Monday, May 12, 2014

My New Office

For today (and whenever I can manage it), this is my new office:

I'm sitting on my patio almost working as hard as the ants and watching the cats play. After a VERY long winter, I feel housebound. Being a summer-loving gal, the sun and outdoors brighten my mood. So I'll put up with the ants, and even the occasional inchworm to breathe free while I work. The changed perspective helps; my senses are stimulated and I think that helps my writing. (Nat and I wrote most of the Sirenz series and parts of Blonde OPS in this space. Maybe working out here will be as beneficial to my solo works.)

Tomorrow it will rain and I will be back inside, but I'll think about sitting outside again as soon as it's nice.

Change your work space--and not by just organizing your desk or dusting your bookshelves. GET UP! GET OUT! How about going to the park and working there? Sit on your balcony. Work on the beach. GO SOMEWHERE. You just might find that bestselling-book idea.

And who doesn't need the extra vitamin D?



  1. I've tried writing outside and I can't get past the glare on my laptop screen. I find myself squinting to see the screen. I need to try out some kind of glare reduction screen protector.

    Stephanie (your agent sister!)

  2. Hey Stephanie, I work under a big umbrella, face the sun (it can't be behind me) and tip it slightly forward. Friend me on FB or Twitter so we can swap emails. :)