Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Is Not Your Average Library!

I have library envy. The good part is that this is MY library. And yours. It belongs to the American People. It is the Library of Congress. Look at this fabulousness! I will stack it up against ANY library in the world!

(All photos courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, photographs by Carol M. Highsmith. Above Photo reproduction number: LC-DIG-highsm-01908)

Is that not breathtaking? Psst, wait until you see this!

Yes, there is a fountain! (Makes me want to jump in on a sunny day! I'm sure some Washingtonians felt the same way!)

Let's go inside. Did you know that the Library of Congress has sculptured bronze doors, marble columns and bas reliefs, stained glass windows, painted cantilevered ceilings, grand staircases,, murals depicting myriad subjects like printing, zoology, etc, Pompeiian panels of the virtues like courage and fortitude, renderings of Greek mythology like the Muses (a favorite!) and bronze statues?


A marbled staircase...


Imagine the grand entrance you could make here! Note all the carvings and sculptures. Then, there's this:


This is an aerial view of the Main Reading Room. You are surrounded by priceless art, history, knowledge. How could anyone NOT be inspired?! Let's go see more books! 


Wonder where they have Sirenz? 


This is the African-Middle Eastern Reading Room. One of just so many...

But it's more than just a beautiful place- these librarians are masters at their craft- all forms of knowledge and its safekeeping. Need to find an obscure article? Have to find a photo? Question about a book? These are the people to go to:

If the world's population perished, except me of course, this is where I'd head too. (First raiding every Starbucks on the way for Chai Latte supplies.) It would be a writer/reader's dream. 

So check it out! Visit! Surf its site! Ask a question! Get the best research help in the world! This is the People's Library.


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