Sunday, February 12, 2012

Slacker Sunday

Yep, Sunday is my rest day. Well, there is no rest for writers, moms, and homemakers. I have to do laundry, change sheets, make dinner, do dishes, put away groceries, nag about homework, get things ready for Monday back-to-school-and-work.


I know, I know, I took the challenge.

So today's blog features the schedule I'll be signing for Sirenz or Sirenz Back In Fashion (so far):

March 5th, William Patterson University

March 15th- Public Librarians Association Conference, Philly Convention Center, PA. In booth signing, #1244. Both Natalie & I will be handing out swag and signing ARCs. Authors Alissa Grosso and Margie Gelbwasser will also be there from Flux, as well as authors from other houses.

April- NYC Teen Author Fest, Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street, NYC, 3:15-4 p.m.  I'll be signing along with Jeri Smith-Ready, KM Walton, Victoria Schwab, and Jennifer Smith, among others. 

April 11th-15th- Romantic Times Convention, Chicago. Both Natalie and I will be signing on Saturday at the Book Fair (exact time to be announced when available). There will be too many wonderful authors for me to list here!

June- Sirenz Back In Fashion debuts! We don't have a specific date or place but will let you know as soon as we work out a schedule and place. Of course we will be happy to sign copies of Sirenz for you folk who have (ahem) overlooked getting it...

June 8th-10th- NJ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Annual Conference, Princeton. We will both be presenting workshops and signing Sirenz/Sirenz Back In Fashion.

August 4th- YA Fest 2012, Easton Area Public Library, Palmer Branch, PA. 11-3 pm. I will be appearing with Jennifer Murgia and Cyn Balog, among others. Both books will be available.

NOTE* 1- For those signings where it's just me, Natalie will pre-sign bookplates so both signatures are            available.
              2- More signing dates and information will be added so you'll have to check in to find out the current schedule.

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