Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Word From The Wise

There are just some people who take FAN to a rocking level. I'm not talking about those 'moms' who have scenes from a certain book tattooed on their body (By the way moms, that's scary and creepy, and doesn't leave much room for other books you may fall in love with. And what do your husbands think?)

I'm losing the thought train here.

Superhero co-author Natalie Zaman and I, along with a host of other authors, were invited to "Unmask the Writer Within;" book signing, author workshops, lunch and Halloween party in Johnstown, New York. Hard times and that freaky snowstorm probably kept away some people, but we all had a great time, made new friends and talked books.

And then Melissa Marie, the darling of Mysteries on Main Street Book Store, gave one of these to each of us:

It's Sirenz, done through a series of photos of signs, objects, window bars, wrought iron, etc. in a lovely black frame.

It was my first gift from a fan. I was so touched and thrilled and astonished and speechless (really, me? right?). I've re-arranged my home office so I can be thankful for it, be inspired by it, and be humbled by it. By no means am I encouraging all fans to send such thoughtful, beloved, delightful gifts (while nice, I'd surely run out of room). Cheerful emails, blog comments, a chat at a book signing, a little note on FB mean so much to authors, especially those that are not in the spotlight, that are on a tight publicity budget, that don't fit the current trend (yes, I have no vampires, werewolves, zombies or steam-powered devices. Do have a witch though...) Sometimes we non-famous authors feel neglected, forgotten, overlooked. It takes so much advertising, going to book signings, blogging, interviewing, guest posting, and networking to steal a bit of attention. Nat and I have no famous relations, no connections in show biz or the literary world to ease our path; we're two moms from New Jersey who love to write and just want to share our books with as many people as we can.

It takes a simple reminder; a picture of 6 letters but a universe of meaning, to refresh our memories of why we write; because we love it. Sirenz was no labor; hard work at times, but the fun and laughter Nat & I shared will continue as the series progresses, come what may. So thank you, Melissa Marie, and your wonderful mother (who did the eye-catching photos) for such a priceless gift; appreciation for our work.

YOU get the first copy of Sirenz, Back In Fashion.


  1. That is gorgeous! And what amazing work. Truly a gift to be treasured. You are very fortunate.

  2. OMG ! I have tears in my eyes! <3 <3 You know I have lots of love for you :)

  3. That's very cool. Original and thoughtful.

    Congrats =)