Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How The Mighty Have Fallen...

Okay, I'm not mighty in any sense of the word, but just go with me.

 I'm sick--flu, cold, bug, whatever.
My nose is stuffed, my sinuses hurt, my throat is sore throat enough that I want to stamp my feet and scream. So I've fallen out of my routine. House needs to be vacuumed, novel isn't getting finished, errands aren't being run. Now I could excuse myself that I shouldn't spread germs to the public at large, and that's a valid reason for not grocery shopping (maybe I picked this bug up from a grocery cart? ewwww; motivation to shop with your gloves on.), going to the robotics meeting (and leaving my germs on high science desks), and lunch with my writing gal pals (talk about torture!). But neither the dirty rug nor the blank pages care that I feel so lethargic it's a task to get another drink for my burning throat.

There are times we all fall short of expectations. A friend texted me saying "Cheer up! The holidays are coming and you have so much to do!" First of all, reminding me how much I have to do is NOT the way to cheer me up. Second, I'm not depressed, I'm just sick. The holidays are far enough away (even Thanksgiving, the Forgotten Holiday) that I don't need to worry about it; I'm more worried about making my book signings on Thursday in NYC at Books of Wonder (18 W 18th Street, 6-8) and Friday in PA (Children's Book World, East Main Street, Haverford, 7-9). If I can get past them, then I'll be able to get back on track...

Except my firstborn, away at college since August, is coming home on Friday (no doubt with laundry and demands). And I'm helping out the kids' bell choir on Sunday morning. Monday might see the plumber coming to install the new gas fireplace and then there's the regular fencing practice, SAT tutoring, and writing group rescheduled meeting in addition to getting ready for Thanksgiving.

There's always an excuse to put off things that need, must, should, ought to get done. So, I've had my two days of bed rest (almost- I did do laundry, some dishes, straightening up, checking of emails, media posting, yelling at offspring for garbage, recycle and homework; I am not a total slug.). Tonight, I'll start clearing up all those things that are backlogged and get back into the grind, er, routine.

My blog entry is done for the week; that's one thing off the list.


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  1. It's a shame when there's no time to be sick. You do have to cut yourself some slack. I saw on Facebook that you're feeling better yet. Take care of yourself!