Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Minding the P's and Q's and A's and B's

Just for fun...

A  Abscond- verb, to run away, take flight, to steal.
B  Bowdlerize- verb, to expurgate, censor, sanitize.
C  Convivial- adjective, being social, cordial, amiable.
D  Descry- verb, to catch sight of, see, discern.
E  Epigrammatic- adjective, succinct, concise, terse.
F  Foist- verb, to force upon, impose, thrust.
G  Glutinous- adjective, gluelike, sticky, gummy.
H  Haversack- noun, backpack, rucksack, satchel.
I   Indecorous- adjective,unbecoming, unseemly, improper.
J  Jerry-built- adjective, badly built, cheap, shoddy.
K  Kilter- noun, state, condition, fettle.
L  Legerdemain- noun, juggling, sleight of hand, juggling.
M  Mawkish- adjective, maudlin, oversentimental, lachrymose.
N  Nihilism- noun, disbelief, skepticism, repudiation.
O  Odium- noun, abhorrence, loathing, antipathy.
P  Parlance- noun, speech, language, phraseology.
Q  Quaff- verb, to drink, swallow, gulp down.
R  Ruffian- noun, villain, thug, scoundrel.
S  Sang-froid- noun, composure, coolness, self control.
T  Timorous- adjective, timid, fearful, apprehensive.
U  Urbanity- adjective, suaveness, sophistication, worldliness.
V  Vicissitude- noun, change. alteration, uncertainty.
W  Wastrel- noun, waster, spendthrift, squanderer.
X  Xebec- noun, small 3 masted ship.
Y  Yerk- verb, to strike or whip, stir up.
Z  Zaftig- adjective, womanly shape, plump, full bodied.

Quiz tomorrow...  ;)

(Thanks to the Oxford Pocket American Thesaurus, Oxford Univ Press, NY, 2002)


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