Monday, January 26, 2015

Things That Make Me Go...Uh, What?

There are some things I will never understand.

Quantum physics.

How pop ups keep appearing on my laptop.

Why my cat feels the need to unroll the toilet paper.

Why people criticize my writing when clearly they can't even construct a grammatically correct sentence.

How come people feel the need to bash people who don't believe the same things or way they do.

Why when there is one snowflake, people panic and drive 5 mph on the road.

Why people look at you, confused or angry, when you say you didn't like a book they loved.

How does the letter carrier get mail delivered in a snow storm but drivers on main roads get stuck.

Why too much attention is spent on a few books, and not more on a wider range.

Men thinking it's no big deal to scratch or 'adjust' in public view.

If I believe that no two snowflakes -ever- are identical.

Why anyone would want to live in Alaska with all that cold and snow.

Why people hate the New England Patriots with such a vicious glee.

How anyone could be a serial killer/rapist/animal or child abuser.

Why my son makes such a big deal about doing homework.

Does anyone really like those teeny Smart Cars?

Why we can put man on the moon and soon on Mars, but we can't find alternate energy sources.

Why I can't stop writing, no matter how frustrated I get with the publishing industry.

The list goes on, and the more I question why? or how come? the more I feel how little I know.

I wonder, does anyone else think like this?


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