Monday, May 5, 2014

Hippity Hop....

No, I didn't miss Easter. Thanks today to Agy Wilson, an artist (in more ways than one!) who tagged me for this blog hop. Agy's work includes writing, illustrating, crafts, and great political discussions on Facebook. We don't always agree, but that doesn't stop us from being friends. Please try to stop by her blog, see her work and offer her a comment. She'd love to have you in for a visit. Go here for a fascinating and fun peek at her numerous works.

Agy tagged me to answer some questions, and since I've done those before, I'm going to throw a twist in and answer slightly different ones to keep your interest:

Q. What's your favorite part of your new release, Blonde OPS?
A. Writing about wild Vespa/car chases, having the Secret Service tailing Bec, breaking into warehouses by picking digital locks, and having two swoony guys interested in me-- all happening in Rome. It's a fantasy I can never live except through Bec and Blonde OPS.

Q. How do you write one character when you have two authors?
A. Natalie and I adapt our writing process to the project. For the Sirenz series, we each had a character to develop as we wished (as long as it fit into the agreed upon storyline). For Blonde OPS, since it's a work-for-hire (editors came up with the premise, basic plot), we had certain characteristics and events that had to happen, so we drafted first a synopsis, then a detailed outline, getting to 'know' Bec Jackson in the process. Some things one of us would write, and the other disagreed with, and if we couldn't compromise, the editors made their preferences known when it was reviewed.

Q. Since Blonde OPS releases May 6th, what will you do next? Any other projects?
A. Nat and I each have our own projects, so while we cross our fingers (and toes, and legs, etc.) waiting to hear if there will be a sequel, we work on those. I'm finishing up the edits (again!) on my sci fi, Lethal Dose; ghost story, Cold Water, and my time-hop (slightly different than time travel) The Meaning of Time. And I have tons of ideas....

Q. Which do you prefer, writing with a co-author, or writing alone?
A. That's like asking if you like ice cream or cupcakes! I like both; each has their advantages and disadvantages. Writing with Nat can get zany--we come up with outrageous scenarios that even though we know they won't be used, it's fun to create them. Working solo, I make all the decisions of what goes into the manuscript--until my agent or an editor says "Cut!" Plus, it's a dream-waiting-to-happen to have a book writing all by little me.

Now I tag...

Cyn Balog!

I know Cyn from my early days at the annual conference for the NJ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She was on a panel talking about getting that first book published. Oh, how I envied her! I admire her now- she writes under several pseudonyms and has a number of books out. Her latest is Drowned. (My husband's name is Nicola... funny fate!)

Check out her blog (and follow the hop) here to see her blog

And then there's Cesya McRae Cuono! I just met this Facebook friend at YA Fest in Easton, PA only 2 weeks ago. (And her name is pronounced "Ses-ya" which I didn't know...) I have her book, Elemental Reality, which I'm saving so I can read it poolside, with no deadlines to interrupt me.

See her other books and check out her blog with reviews, here.

Next up is Alexandrea Weis.

Alexandrea is a Facebook friend. We haven't met (yet!) but we've connected over author chit chat, life musings, and book talk (you know how that is). She is the author of 10 (so far!) romance novels. I will be reading them on hot summer nights...

Go here to see them.

These authors will hop from here to their blogs, and then tag others. So jump along!


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