Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ugly Is As Ugly Does...

Do you love 'ugly' characters? Maybe they are/aren't physically ugly, but are unattractive in their personalities?

Sometimes I love those.

I thought Severus Snape (Harry Potter series by J K Rowling) was an ugly (mean) character- but deliciously so because Dumbledore was so nice and thoughtful and helpful.... yada. It's nice to have a contrast because humanity is a sea of contrasts. (And in the end he proved himself a beautiful person.)

Ever watch the TV show Hannibal? He's a refined, well groomed, attractive doctor who hides a horrific penchant for murder and cannibalism. Outside = pretty, inside = nightmares. I do not find him attractive in any way because he really scares me.

I think it's the hidden 'ugly' that is the most terrifying...


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  1. Oh yeah...the hidden ugly, that only surfaces in times of stress, grief or unbridled lust. Scary.