Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ready, Set, ABC!

Today starts the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge! Every day, except Sundays, a whole big group of us will blog using the alphabet. I'm not going to follow a theme, and I'm not going to be off the wall random. I'm going to pick a word from the dictionary (no, I won't bore you with a 'Word of the Day' schtick) and write about that word as it relates to READING, because in the end, we're all readers, but we're not all writers.  So....


 Angst. You know what that is, especially if you have teenagers, are a teenager, live near teenagers, or remember being a teenager. It's the perpetual state of anxiety, worry, or dread. A lot of novels are loaded with it (you know which ones they are). Do you like the angst? As a reader some is okay, but I don't like to be overwhelmed by constant fretting, self-doubt, handwringing, whining, etc. I was never angsty even as a teen, and I have little patience for people who are, although I know some is needed in the stories I write because we all have 'those' moments, teen or not.

What are your most and least favorite angst-ridden novels?

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"B" back tomorrow!



  1. What a great word! Last year my theme was angsty 80's songs (not books obviously, but still, so many words)

  2. I think the angst has to be balanced with other traits to keep the character likable.

  3. Angst is ok as long as there is a buffer.