Monday, April 21, 2014

Critic's Choice...

Reviews. No one gets glowing ones all the time. Some get none. It's the bane of artists that someone else, who may appreciate creativity, may not be creators themselves, or simply just don't 'get it' yet they get to judge us.

But, we all pass on reviews of everything around us.

(I'm known to be a bit critical.)

Don't like a lot of the Nobel/Pulitzer prize winning books--too stuffy.

Don't like VW cars--undependable and too cramped.

Don't like rum raisin ice cream--just yuck.

Don't like pretentious people--you're not that great.

Don't like the NY Giants (ex-Long Island girl, went to 2 NY colleges)--get your own stadium or change to NJ Giants.

It's in our nature.

But it shouldn't be in our nature to let critics or reviews discourage us from our art. So, VOYA hated Sirenz, didn't even look at Sirenz Back In Fashion. I have author friends who got lousy reviews, but their books sold well. Maybe critics will love Blonde OPS, maybe not.(So far, so good.)

No matter what, someone else's opinion is out of my control, but creating my art isn't--and they can't say anything to stop me.


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