Monday, March 10, 2014

Playing Hooky

We all do it. Show me a person who hasn't played hooky from school, work, chores, problems, projects, or weather, and I'll tell you that they are either Type A people headed for an early heart attack or people who are just no fun.

Studies have proven that sometimes people think better, can resolve problems faster, and are more productive when they take a break. And nothing's more fun than an 'illegal' break.

My past weekend wasn't such a no-no; I visited my sister. Sure she's family and that's one of the things in life we should do- stay connected with family, but nowhere are we actively encouraged to brush off chores, dump family responsibilities on our spouse, (delay getting that manuscript to the agent, who's waiting for it...), and blow money on new sandals for spring, that cheesecake dessert we really didn't need, and an extra glass of wine.

But show me where it says we should take a stroll in the park, clean out closets, or meditate. Being bad (irresponsible) can just be so much fun sometimes.

And that's what everyone needs--to have fun. With all our family, personal, and professional responsibilities, stupid politicians bringing us to the brink of world war (again, because two times just weren't enough), clashes between varieties of people, and this sucky weather, we're all on edge. We need more than just a lousy 'breathe deep, let go of your inner tension' mantra. I was past the point of yoga.

So, play hooky. Giggle over stupid stuff. Channel your inner irreverence. Do a 'neener, neener, nee-ner'.

Be uplifted.


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