Monday, December 2, 2013

Here's That "In" You Need to Get Published...

So don't just sit there!

My good friend, Tanya Contois, is an editor at Hallowed Ink Press. And she's looking for writers, manuscripts, graphics...

This is your sign to send your work out (we can't come to your house to motivate you, sorry).

Here's the info you need: (READ IT- don't send silly questions to me or Tanya when the info is below. And if you're truly serious about submitting, you'll be professional and observe the rules of polite society. If I have to tell you what they are, you're not ready.)

Hallowed Ink Press is accepting queries for all YA and New Adult fiction.

We are currently open to all solicited and unsolicited submissions.

What we accept: All Young Adult and New Adult categories.
This includes; series fiction, stand-alone novels, novellas, poetry, short stories and graphic novels.
*We do take on the occasional pet project outside of these genres, but only if the writing is truly exceptional.
Currently Hallowed Ink Press is most interested in:
- Unique concepts that break through the current stereotypes in the market.
- Quality writing with strong character arcs and ‘fresh’ voices.
Be assured we will check all submissions, yet we are very selective. We try our very best to respond to every individual query; however, if you have not heard back from us within four weeks of your original submission, please understand that although we thank you for the chance to read your ideas, we have decided against your material.

Our goal is to build long-standing relationships with our readers and authors, and we are open to e-mails with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

Manuscript guidelines:

Please read guidelines below before submitting your work. (All information will be kept confidential)

YA & New Adult Fiction: 
Your query should include the working title, word count, your name, mailing address and phone number. (If pen name is being used, please include that information). We would like to see 1-3 paragraphs regarding your story and a one paragraph biography. Please do not attach a document with your initial query.

If chapters are requested (attachments allowed):
Preferred File Type: .doc, .docx or .rtf
Font Options: Times New Roman or Arial 12pt.
Formatting: .5 indents to first lines, no tab replacements.
Synopsis: 1 page
Subject Line: “Query: Title/Author Name”

Anthology Guidelines 
(attachments allowed): Anthology open calls will be posted here.
Font Options: Times New Roman 12pt.
Formatting: .5 indents to first lines, no tab replacements.
Subject Line: “____ Anthology: Author Name”
Length: We ask that no short stories exceed 15k words.

Novella Guidelines: 
We ask that all novellas either be stand-alone or connected to a series signed with us. Please note, we MAY choose to convert novellas to interactive iBooks as well as normal digital releases. We ask that all novellas be between 5k-35k words.
Font Options: Times New Roman or Arial 12pt.
Formatting: .5 indents to first lines, no tab replacements.
Subject Line: “Novella Query: Title/Author Name”  and queries can be sent to

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