Monday, March 11, 2013

Becoming Invisible

I worked for a number of years; office jobs, waitress, paralegal. The utility, cable, and sanitation bills are in my name. The mortgage on our house lists me as a co-owner/lender.

But I'm invisible.

My credit card, issued by Allegacy Credit Union through my husband's job, put a stop on my card (I was in a grocery store in North Carolina) because as they 'explained' when I called to find out what the problem was, they suspected fraud. In a grocery store?

They didn't do it to my husband's. We rented a car under this card, so they knew we were traveling over the Christmas break. There was no viable, reasonable, acceptable reason for them putting a hold on MY card. They made me jump through hoops and finally I had to get the hubs to call and clear it up. They listened to him, not me even though I had all the information regarding the expenditures.

So I'm mute.

So I decided to get a credit card under my own name, not connected to the hubs. I went through our bank because they can see that we have joint savings/checking accounts. Again, I had to jump through hoops.

It's amazing how I paid taxes for years, get called for jury duty, vote, and am known in the community.

Why am I powerless?

I don't exist unless my husband is there to vouch for me.

See, my hands are bound.

Women have not come far enough when illegal immigrants can get credit cards easier than I can.


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