Monday, November 12, 2012

One Grain of Sand...

I missed last posting my blog the last two Mondays with Hurricane Sandy then the Nor'easter. After living like a pioneer woman for several days, and my hubby running off to work where it was warm, I threw the kids into the car and went to my mommy's. She had heat, power, and internet.

But I'm back- doing NaNoWriMo, laundry and mom things. I've caught up on almost everything (except the time on my Bowflex).

Overall, losing power was a nuisance; I still had all my stuff, my house. Some people weren't so lucky. And it's time to pitch in. Even if times are tight financially, we can all do something- even if it's just a little. One grain of sand, by itself, is nothing, but it you throw it on the beach, it becomes part of something bigger.

Besides giving through my church, Nat and I are donating a special prize pack of Sirenz and Sirenz Back In Fashion with swag, the diamond ring bookmark, gift cards and more. We're joining over 160 other YA authors like Holly Black, Josh Berk, James Patterson, Sarah Dessen, Lauren Oliver, Wendy Mass, Jon Skovron, Jerry Spinelli, Simone Elkeles, Libba Bray, and too many more wonderful ones for me to list, for YA For NJ. We're all donating books for an auction that will bring much needed food to depleted food banks. A lot of people are suffering, and we're pitching in.

You can help two ways: first, by spreading the word. Tell everyone their favorite authors are doing this. We'll be on Facebook and on Twitter at @yafornj. Second, bid on a book. (It should start around Nov. 30th.) Even if you may not be interested in a book, give it as a gift to a family member for the holidays or birthday, donate it to the library or a school.

Because everybody, and every bit, makes a difference to someone.


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