Monday, September 10, 2012

What's In YOUR Closet?

Fall's here (pardon me while I wipe a tear). Gotta bring out the sweaters, socks, jackets, and election wear. Here's what I'm wearing this year:

Not the shirt (while it's pretty, new, orangey and very flattering), I'm talking about my campaign buttons. I was lamenting last week on Facebook that we really need a third party since a lot of people are unhappy with the two frontrunners. I asked someone to step up to the plate.

And he has.


He's running for Prez, and because of that whole 'free will' thing (which he is bound by, luckily for us), he's campaigning for your vote. His platform: he can make everything perfect-if we give up free will and let him be our new leader. (I haven't heard anything about a running mate; I think he likes to be top dog.)

Hades is running under the Olympian party. If you want to show your support, enter to win a campaign button; either "Ladies for Hades" or "Haute House" (I'm guessing that he wants to do some 'redecorating'. I'm fearing for the presidential portraits. Hades doesn't like to share the limelight with anyone, let alone a mortal.) Just leave a comment and which button you'd like.

Next Monday, I'll pick 5 winners.

Just remember, any deal you make is between you and him!


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